Divine Tree Guardian Series

Divine Tree Guardian Series

Immortal shifters protect the tree of life

Nocturne Falls Universe

Nocturne Falls Universe

Vampires, shifters, dragons and more

Magical Midlife Books

Magical Midlife Books

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Larissa Emerald's romance series ~             normal is so overrated 

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Larissa Emerald writes paranormal romance, romantic suspense novels, and contemporary romances. She was a Romance Writers of America® 2013 Golden Heart Finalist for her romantic suspense, PERFECTION, available now.

Her book list includes Awakening Fire, Awakening Touch, Awakening Storm, Nocturne Falls Universe Series, Forever At Risk, Forever At Dawn, Forever At Midnight, Winter Heat, and Barefoot Bay: Come Sail Away.

A combination of her love of reading and her vivid imagination―plus a strong desire to rewrite the endings of movies that just didn’t end right―led Larissa into the world of writing.

She’s lived in the same small Florida coastal town for her entire life. In her spare time she enjoys teaching baton twirling and dance, traveling, baking and cooking―usually altering the recipe―and, of course, reading awesome books.

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Larissa will be signing in Viera, Florida on March 26 at the Evening with the Stars event. Register for your FREE entry ticket HERE

Date and time

Sat, March 26, 2022

6:30 PM – 9:00 PM EDT


Holiday Inn Melbourne-Viera Conference Ctr, an IHG Hotel

8298 North Wickham Road

Melbourne, FL 32940

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Danger, Intrigue, Drama, Love


"The balance between good and evil has a very fine line, if the scale is tipped to the side of evil there will be great devastation.... I look forward to seeing what Guardian we will be visiting next." Niki Driscoll ~ Amazon review
Latest  Books
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Code Perfect Series Romantic Suspense

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Kindle Unlimited

They thought they were invincible... they were wrong.

In 2126, Genetically Engineered Individuals dominate the world, leaving the race of Profile Coders—the descendants of the original human gene pool—nothing but castoffs. GEIs lead perfect lives while Coders lack wealth, recognition, and power. But the mighty GEIs in Chicago are about to learn what it means to play God.


Genetic scientist Kindra B-Zaika designs GEI children, and with each generation, they become smarter, more beautiful, healthier—whatever improvements the Committee decrees. It doesn’t matter to them that the divide grows ever wider between Coders and GEIs. Or at least not until a prominent dignitary’s D Generation child suddenly dies of a mysterious virus. 


Now Kindra must team with York Richmond, a striking, rough-around-the-edges Coder police lieutenant, to catch the sociopath who unleashed the deadly virus. The killer poses a threat to an entire generation of children, and they must stop him before all of D Generation is infected, including Kindra’s own daughter. But as they work together to find their suspect and develop an antidote in the meantime, a forbidden attraction sparks between them. 

AWAKENING FIRE,  The Divine Tree Guardians book 1 

Paranormal Romance

September 2015

Shapeshifters, angels, demons, and magic--from award-winning author Larissa Emerald comes the much-anticipated paranormal shapeshifter series of the Divine Tree Guardians.


The return of sculptor Emma Grant to her Georgia home town sparks the return of the visions she tries to deny and rekindles a centuries-old feud between shape-shifters Venn Hearst, guardian of the Divine Tree (The Tree Of Knowledge) and his nemesis. Emma is determined to place and dedicate the statue honoring her beloved grandmother despite Venn’s opposition; despite the fact she is in love with Venn, despite his sacred duty not to permit it. Will she overcome a test of evil or shatter Venn's world?


Nearly every culture has its own lore about the tree of life.  In the Divine Tree Guardian series, in order to protect and preserve the knowledge these trees enshrine, the original tree split into pieces and replanted twelve Divine Trees around the globe.  Each has an immortal shape-shifter guardian to protect it.  If the tree dies, so does its guardian.  And there are a ton of evil, greedy, power-hungry people, or demons, who would love to get a hold of the secrets of the universe.


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The Inspector Claims the Vampiress Full

The Inspector Claims the Vampiress 

Nocturne Falls Universe Novella

July 2018

A distant London relative to the Ellinghams, vampiress crossbreed Veronica Hadleigh, hates black, loves pink, and drives a sexy car. She’s come to Nocturne Falls for a fresh start and maybe even to find Mr. Right. Which she reluctantly discovers could be human Fire Inspector, Lance Grims. But humans and vampires are a tricky combination. And when he realizes Veronica’s true nature, will he stick around or run for the Georgia hills where he was raised?

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