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  • Larissa Emerald

Re-Centering My Life

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Life is about continuously making adjustments. It's amazing to me how easily things can get out of whack. Lately, I've been focusing on getting the parts of my life aligned, re-centered, and balanced. Makes me think of a chiropractor. LOL.

The body, mind, and spirit each need their share of attention. I've found that if I ignore one, the others suffer as well. And then I turn into an emotional mess, struggling to keep it together--at least that's what happens on the inside...on the outside, well, people probably don't see I have any issues because I don't allow them to see. And truly, compared to many people most of my problems are small, but I've found even little things can rob me of joy and happiness. So in the next few blogs I'll share my latest discoveries.

What about you? How do you refresh, recharge and reboot your life?

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