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Code Perfect Series

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Code Perfect Romantic Suspense
Available June 11   Buy Now Amazon 


They thought they were invincible... they were wrong.

In 2126, Genetically Engineered Individuals dominate the world, leaving the race of Profile Coders—the descendants of the original human gene pool—nothing but castoffs. GEIs lead perfect lives while Coders lack wealth, recognition, and power. But the mighty GEIs in Chicago are about to learn what it means to play God.
Genetic scientist Kindra B-Zaika designs GEI children, and with each generation, they become smarter, more beautiful, healthier—whatever improvements the Committee decrees. It doesn’t matter to them that the divide grows ever wider between Coders and GEIs. Or at least not until a prominent dignitary’s D Generation child suddenly dies of a mysterious virus.
Now Kindra must team with York Richmond, a striking, rough-around-the-edges Coder police lieutenant, to catch the sociopath who unleashed the deadly virus. The killer poses a threat to an entire generation of children, and they must stop him before all of D Generation is infected, including Kindra’s own daughter. But as they work together to find their suspect and develop an antidote in the meantime, a forbidden attraction sparks between them. 


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