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Nocturne Falls Universe

The Lion, The Witch, and the Secret Gard
The Lion, the Witch, and the Secret Garden

Nocturne Falls Universe Novella

October 2018


Quit is not in a lion shifter’s vocabulary.
When a demon demands a ransom for his sister’s life, Rylan Lewis travels to Nocturne Falls to find a magical mirror stone in order to free her. Only Zoe, a beautiful, sensuous witch, is after the same stone. As their paths collide, Zoe teams with Rylan because she can read the magical map he’s given. But it isn’t as easy as either one expects, especially when their hearts and desires get in the way.​

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The Inspector Claims the Vampiress Full

The Inspector Claims the Vampiress

Nocturne Falls Universe Novella

March 2018


A distant London relative to the Ellinghams, vampiress crossbreed Veronica Hadleigh, hates black, loves pink, and drives a sexy car. She’s come to Nocturne Falls for a fresh start and maybe even to find Mr. Right. Which she reluctantly discovers could be human Fire Inspector, Lance Grims. But humans and vampires are a tricky combination. And when he realizes Veronica’s true nature, will he stick around or run for the Georgia hills where he was raised?

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The Dragon Falls for the Fairy Godmother 

Nocturne Falls Universe Novella

March 2018

Budding fairy godmother, Erika Tschanz, flees her parent’s overbearing rule in Rhoswynn, Arkansas in search of the freedom Nocturne Falls has to offer. But as soon as she steps foot on Georgia soil, mishaps abound. Her very first fairy godmother client’s warlock father is determined to stop her from helping his daughter find her “true love” at all cost.
Undercover spy and dragon shifter, Marshall Chadwick has some serious concerns about the people surrounding Erika. With his protection mode fired up, he struggles to keep her safe without getting his heart all messed up. A challenge made especially difficult for he knows he may be deployed to another assignment at any moment.
When the fairy dust settles, Erika comes to realize the power of choice and that she is worthy of love.

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Winter Wonderland A Christmas Quartet

Nocturne Falls Universe Collection

December 2018


Rockin' Around the Cauldron by Larissa Emerald

Kamdyn and Cedric are set to be married in two weeks. All the arrangements are in place, but when Kamdyn’s magical powers begin going haywire, Cedric wonders if she inherited some evil force along with a gift of increased abilities. If she can’t control her magical outbursts, she could be asked to leave Nocturne Falls.

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Nocturne Falls Universe Novella

Sept. 2017

Leopard shifter Sasha Weisberg arrives in Nocturne Falls hoping someone in the town of supernaturals might be able to undo the spell an angry ex-friend put on her. Otherwise, she’s doomed to live most of every day as a bird, with only three precious hours each day to enjoy her human form and her snow leopard not at all.

An archangel friend convinces Kianso Kane to travel to Nocturne Falls for a weekend of rest and relaxation. From the onset of the trip, his shaman calling challenged him to return to his Hawaiian roots and acknowledge his shaman birthright. His instincts led him right to Sasha and he knew straightaway she was his true love. But she was caught in a maelstrom of a witches curse. And until she was free, she couldn’t be completely his.

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Jan. 2017


Can a vampire dance and shoot at the same time?


Vampire bounty hunter Nathaniel Newburg follows his mark into Nocturne Falls, a place where it’s easy for anyone to hide and blend in. At first it seems as though he has his prey cornered, only to confront a beautiful feline-shifter Camille Nahuel instead. She dances around the floor with sultry steps, instructing a ballroom class, and dances around his heart even faster. Oh, Tango, the game is on. Can Nathaniel control his annoyance long enough to finish his job and save his love?


The Vampire Bounty Hunter’s Unexpected Catch is the first book by Larissa Emerald set in the Nocturne Falls Universe. Take a twirl around the dance floor with a flirty feline shifter and a sexy vampire.

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Merry & Bright: A Christmas Anthology

Nocturne Falls Universe

November 2017


The nine holiday stories in this collection:

The Witch’s Snow Globe Wish by Larissa Emerald
When a letter is delivered by mistake to clairvoyant witch Telia Kraft, she must return it to its rightful recipient, a handsome vampire neighbor, the very guy she had dated over the summer until he dropped her without a word. Jake Newburg is shocked to learn of his brother’s upcoming Christmas wedding in Nocturne Falls and rashly asks Telia to accompany him to the event. For once, he needs to stop second-guessing himself.

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