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An ISTV post about my spiritual re-discovery

Larissa Emerald: Hi there. How are you today? I'm Larissa Emerald coming to you on this beautiful Frid

ay. I live in Florida, and today the sun is shining. However, we're coming out of a cold snap that we had on Wednesday where it was 39 degrees when I got up. Your northern weather, for some of you, had visited us down here. Anyway, I am a wife, and mother, and author, and I'm here today just to share with you some things that I have discovered in the last two years because maybe it might help you guys out as it has for me. I have been in a search for the last two years for a missing link, and that missing link turned out to be a spiritual link for me. On my website,, I've started a blog, and the first two entries or three entries in the blog were addressing my search for body, mind, and spiritual well-being. So today I'm going to talk about my spiritual discovery. I've had a difficult time the last two years. My granddaughter, Bailey, has been fighting leukemia. She was diagnosed in March of 2017, and that kind of threw me into that spiritual mode that I was looking for. I myself had suffered through the healing of cancer in 2008, and so I've always had a strong faith, but there was still that element that was missing. So for two years I read all kinds of books. And finally in November of 2018, I think it was, my sister, Julie, she had a post on Facebook. It pointed to a post by Matt Tommey. He's an artist out of Asheville. And that was the key and the link to my journey that I have experience so many discoveries with since then. Matt is raising up an army of artists. He has written several books. Created To Thrive, I think, is the first one. He also offers online mentorship programs and he offers a conference. In October last year I went to the conference for the first time, and it's a conference for artists who want to connect with the Lord for both their artwork and their business dealings. I went to that conference. It was phenomenal. We had workshops with many different artists and spiritual advisors. I met Matt and wonderful teachers like Pat and Jim Banks there. They run a prayer ministry. Actually, you can find it online. ( I'll try to post it ... down below or beside, whichever it is here on Instagram, to let you know those links if you're interested in finding them. But, the whole premise is to connect with the Lord, and let Him give you direction, and let Him lead you and partner with you in your artwork and in your business. Like I said, I'm an author, so I paint with words. And in this community, there are all kinds of artists. There are painters. Matt Tommey is a basket weaver in Asheville. There are poets and writers and musicians. I've met so many awesome people through this program. So if you're interested in connecting both spiritually to help you with your spiritual journey and connecting with the Lord and with other artists, you might want to check out the Created To Thrive page on Facebook and maybe online to look up Matt Tommey. I think he's even having a seminar going on right now, online, which is free, it's a Rise Up seminar for artists to introduce new members to the program. Find it here: And like I said, I've been going through all these difficulties because my granddaughter was diagnosed. And in the process, I've been writing books. I have a book out right now. It's called Perfection. I don't know if you can see the cover. It's available on Amazon. It's about genetic engineering. So it was inspired by both my son, who is mentally handicapped and has a genetic abnormality, and my granddaughter, because she has leukemia. My genetic engineering theory is that they can take all of those things out of their genetic makeup and we wouldn't have to deal with those awful illnesses anymore. I don't know. It addresses both the good and the bad that would come from that. It's a futuristic romance kind of instead of going back to the past for historicals, which used to be my favorite stories, I jumped forward. It was a lot of fun to write all the things that we think of in the future with flying cars and updated technology, even though our technology is advancing faster than you think right now. So anyway, if that interests you, check out Perfection on Amazon by Larissa Emerald. Leave some comments for me if any of these things are helpful to you. And until next time in my next Instagram TV video. This is Larissa Emerald, and I'll see you later. Have a great day. Bye.

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