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Where I'm At Now...The Body

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Ten years. It doesn't seem that long of a time, but at one point it did for me. In 2008 I was diagnosed with NH Lymphoma and went through 4 months of Chemo. I remember thinking, I want at least another ten years. Now, of course, I want another thirty more. And for that, I know I need to work at it.

My dad died in an auto accident when I was thirteen, but one thing he always said was "your body is your temple." That has stuck with me throughout my life. And while I'm not a fanatic--I don't expect to be "model skinny" in my sixties--I do work at staying healthy. I eat healthy, including organic foods and grass-fed meat, especially since my cancer scare. But over the years I put on weight. I wanted to lose around 25 pounds.

The beginning of October, I joined Weight Watchers. This was the first time I'd ever participated in a weight loss program. And WOW, it was eye-opening regarding portion size and how eating bad, high sugar and high-fat foods was for weight management. I mean, on one level I thought I knew this, but until I actually looked at the numbers I guess I didn't understand what these foods did to my body.

I have to say, I really like Weight Watchers. I've lost 6 pounds in a month. That's not huge, but it is a quarter of my goal, and it was very doable. #weightwatchers If you're interested, visit to learn more.

The second part of my "body" health program was to increase my exercise. I have walked more and slowly began running. I'm not interested in running marathons, but I wanted to build bone strength (I have osteoporosis. Thank you chemo. Not.) and I also give my lungs a workout. I have not progressed very far yet, but I can jog almost a mile now, which thrills me. I used an app on my phone #couch25K to help me get started. Plus, Weight Watchers has exercise apps that help. I know this sort of exercise isn't for everyone, but honestly, I didn't think it was for me until I gave it a try. The hardest part was deciding and committing to making the change. I'm only 4 weeks into the 9-week program, we'll see how it goes to the finish line. You can find out more at .

Anyone who is battling health issues, you have my deepest respect. It's not easy. I found a way to get where I wanted and needed to go. I hope you find yours.<3

I'll let you know when I reach my goal!

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2 comentários

11 de nov. de 2019

alathiaxavier LoL. Well, I do write paranormal and time travel stories, But I fixed the date, thanks.

I didn't have any problems with my teeth. My first chemo treatment, though, I remember feeling like I could visualize my skeletal frame, especially my teeth and jaw, being attacked. It was weird. I know through talking with others that everyone reacts differently to chemo. Plus it depends on the drug "cocktail" they give you. Another person going through the same treatment as I did, she had severe diarrhea as her main side affect while I felt like I'd swallowed battery acid. Same drugs, different reactions.

So sorry you had problems with your teeth! And they do remarkable things with knee and hip…


10 de nov. de 2019

1908?? Wow, you are doing well for your age! :) And kudos to you; don't ever forget that you are a survivor! I went through ovarian cancer and chemo myself a few years ago. Thankfully, I have been clear since 2016. I was part of the military who refused to actually take out my ovaries, saying that the tumor wasn't "big enough". Personal question, did the chemo ruin your teeth? It did most of mine, and my doctors never even warned me that it could happen!

I am with you where I have tried to eat healthier and live a healthier life style. I think staring death in the face can change your whole outlook! I cannot run…

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